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The Pattern of Rare Earth Elements Like a Possible Helpful Tool in Traceability and Geographical Characterization of the Soil-Olive System (Olea europaea L.)

  • Autori: Barbera, M.; Saiano, F.; Tutone, L.; Massenti, R.; Pisciotta, A.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2022
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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The identification of a product, with its geographical origin, is a guaranty of the value of the foodstuff and protection from potential fraud. Extra virgin olive oil is produced or marketed as a single variety or a blend of two or more cultivars, often of different geographic origins. Therefore, to study a possible link between the soil and olive oil, we accounted crucial to analyse the behaviour of olive of different cultivars. We studied Rare Earth Elements (REE) amounts and their relationship to trace their distribution from soil to the olive pulp (Olea europea L.). The results obtained pointed out that the different cultivars of Olea did not drive significant differences in reciprocal ratios of REE in the uptake from the soil up to olive (except for Eu). However soil-plant Rare Earth relationships depend exclusively on the soil REE composition. This method can be the starting point to enforcing the laws, in fact, it is important to develop analytical methods to measure the authenticity of the samples, and to verify the geographical origin even when olive oil is blended.