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Evaluation of Cyclic Fatigue of Hyflex EDM, Twisted Files, and ProTaper Gold Manufactured with Different Processes: An in Vitro Study

  • Autori: Khandagale P.D.; Shetty P.P.; Makandar S.D.; Bapna P.A.; Karobari M.I.; Marya A.; Messina P.; Scardina G.A.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2021
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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Introduction. The main aims of root canal instrumentation are to provide an environment that will lead to healing and to provide a root canal shape that is comfortable to clean and seal. When working with rotary endodontic instruments, the most significant concerns are that the instrument might fracture in the root canal, thus affecting the treatment outcome. Hence, it is of immense importance to know which file systems have more cyclic fatigue resistance. Methodology. This study evaluated the effect of the curved segment length of the artificial canal (the arch), and the number of cycles necessary in fracture of Hyflex EDM, Twisted files, and ProTaper Gold were recorded. Sixty NiTi rotary instruments of 25 mm length (Hyflex EDM (20), Twisted files (20), and ProTaper Gold (20)) were tested in a metal block with simulated canal having 90° angle of curvature. The study was performed with a specific radius and degree of curvature, i.e., 8 mm radius and 90 angle of curvature, and data obtained were subsequently subjected to statistical evaluation using one-way analysis of variance and Tukey's post hoc test. Result. The Hyflex EDM (774.29) exhibited the maximum cyclic fatigue resistance compared to Twisted files (654.875) and ProTaper Gold (375.575). A statistically significant difference was observed between the tested groups. Conclusion. The Hyflex EDM files showed the highest cyclic fatigue resistance, followed by Twisted files and ProTaper Gold files.