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Co-loaded cardanol/triazole-halloysite system: characterization of the supramolecular complex and evaluation of its antiproliferative activity

  • Autori: Colletti, CG; Riela, S; Massaro, M; Noto, R; Poma, P; Guernelli, S; Parisi, F; Milioto, S; Lazzara, G
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2014
  • Tipologia: eedings
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Halloysite nanotubes modified with triazolium salts (f-HNT) were found to be promising drug carriers for biological molecules [1 ]. In this work we report data about f-HNT as carrier for cardanol, a molecule with interesting biological activity [2]. The interactio n between cardanol and f- HNT was highlighted by HPLC, FTIR spectroscopy, TGA , water contact angle measurements and SEM investigations. Release of cardanol from the system and cytotoxic e ffect of the complex f- HNT/Card on hepatocarcinoma cell lines were, also, evaluated. The obtained results put forward the use of halloysite as drug c arrier