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The impact of healthy lifestyles on academic achievement among Italian adolescents

  • Autori: Maniaci, Giuseppe; La Cascia, Caterina; Giammanco, Alessandra; Ferraro, Laura; Palummo, Alessia; Saia, Giovanni F.; Pinetti, Gaia; Zarbo, Manuela; La Barbera, Daniele
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2021
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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We evaluated the association between healthy lifestyles and academic achievement in a sample of 373 adolescent Italian students.Specifically, we investigated on the association between use of illegal drugs, habits to practice a regular physical, typology ofdiet, levels of social support, levels of self-esteem, level of Internet use, perceived stress and amount of sleep and academicachievement. Academic performance was positively correlated with good diet, perceived social support, and self-esteem. Astatistically significant difference emerged between students with high versus low correct grade point averages in relation tolifetime and current use of illegal drugs. Last, academic performance was negatively correlated with Internet use, perceived stress,and bad diet. A multiple regression analysis was conducted in order to predict academic achievement based on good diet, physicalactivity, self-esteem, sleep hours, perceived stress, problematic Internet use, perceived social support, and lifetime substance usewhile controlling for age, gender, and years of education. As expected, healthy lifestyles behaviors were highlighted as asignificant predictor in academic achievement. Specifically, it was showed that a good diet as well as nonproblematic Internetuse significantly predicted academic success. Moreover, it was found that gender did not moderate the relationship between thosepredictors and academic achievement. The results of our study show that to practice healthy lifestyle behaviors is a relevant factorfor a better performance at school, at least in our sample.