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Sensorineural hearing loss: Pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment


Hearing loss is one the commonest disabling diseases affecting populations of all ages worldwide. The impairment of hearing may be the cause of impaired language development in children, the cause of scholarly issues in adolescents, the cause of worsening of quality of life in the adults, and the cause of isolation of aged people. In this book, the authors present the hearing loss in all its facets, starting from the basis of pathophysiology and anatomy, passing through the clinical and instrumental diagnosis and, finally, describing the most important diseases causing hearing loss with reasonable treatment options. A section was dedicated to the imaging of the ear with about 100 original figures. The readers will find a complete classification of genetic hearing loss and all information related to congenital deafness as well. A wide section was reserved to the description and discussion of the most important pathology leading to hearing loss (Meniere's disease, otosclerosis, trauma and occupational hearing impairment, etc.). The treatment of hearing loss is continuously evolving with the progress of technology, and the authors gave a wide space to describe all treatment options available for the patients, providing all information useful to manage hearing disease correctly. (Imprint: Nova Medicine and Health).