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Multi-directional vs. mono-directional multi-step strategies for single point incremental forming of non-axisymmetric components


Multi Stage approach is used in Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF) to overcome one of the main forming limitations, namely the maximum wall angle, characterizing the single stage process. In this paper, different multi-path strategies for the production of parts with flat edges are considered in order to evaluate the best solution in terms of feasibility and geometrical accuracy of the final part: A) mono-directional incremental draw angle; B) mono-directional incremental draw angle with increasing part side; C) Multi-directional approach with non-horizontal path planes. Strain evaluation by means of CGA (Circular Grid Analysis) and defect analysis have been carried out in order to identify the main limitations of each approach. A defect-free part has been obtained with Strategy C. The developed numerical analysis, showing good agreement with experimental thickness distribution, highlighted the peculiar material redistribution from the thicker zones to the thinner ones occurring using Strategy C.