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Mobility, Data, and Behavior: The TrafficO2 Case Study

  • Autori: DI DIO, S.; LO CASTO, B.; Micari, F.; Rizzo, G.; Vinci, I.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2015
  • Tipologia: Capitolo o Saggio (Capitolo o saggio)
  • OA Link:


This chapter presents the social innovation project “TrafficO2”, a support system for decision-making in the field of transportation that tries to push commuters towards a more sustainable mobility, by giving concrete incentives for each responsible choice. After focusing on Palermo, Italy, the context of the herein case study, this chapter provides a detailed description of the TrafficO2 model. Specifically the chapter deals with the analysis of a selected sample of users among the Palermo University students who commute daily to their respective University departments on campus. Starting from the modal split of the actual situation (Status Quo scenario), another behavior scenario (Do your right mix) is designed and promoted to encourage users to create a better mix of existing mobility means and reduce the use of private vehicles, powered by combustibles. The first test that was performed confirmed the reliability of the initiative.