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Maximizing energy transfer and RES integration using dynamic thermal rating. Italian TSO experience

  • Autori: Fabio Massaro; Mariano Giuseppe Ippolito; Enrico Maria Carlini; Fabio Bassi
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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The production of electricity from wind and other renewable sources is rapidly increasing all over the world, causing significant changes in the management of electrical systems. The current structural asset is not adequate to manage this growing generation of energy. The hypothesis of construction of new power lines would mean taking into consideration economic, political and social problems. The following paper reports the experience gained by the Italian TSO, Terna S.p.A, on the use of the DTR (Dynamic Thermal Rating), which is able to dynamically calculate the real transport capacity of an overhead power line. The results obtained are en- couraging as they show how it is possible to increase, in safety, the energy flows on the lines compared to the static limit evaluations. There are many advantages for electric systems: optimizing energy vectors, reducing congestions, increasing reliability, developing smart grids. In this document, after a brief illustration of the architecture of the DTR system, the authors report the results of two successful applications in the Italian HV electrical system for RES integration: a wind case and a hydroelectric one.