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Effects of Electrical Parameters of Induction Generator on the Transient Voltage Stability of a Fixed Speed Wind Turbine


This paper describes the effect of electrical parameters of the induction generator on the transient voltage stability of a fixed speed wind turbine connected to a simple grid; the dynamic behavior of a wind turbine connected to the grid is examined. The model of the fixed speed wind turbine has been developed in the simulation tool Matlab/Simulink. It’s composed by the induction generator, the shaft system, the aerodynamic model of the wind turbine rotor and the pitch control system. Using this model, a threephases fault is applied close to the wind turbine and cleared by disconnecting the faulted line. The effect of different electrical parameters of the induction generator on the voltage stability of this simple case is evaluated and discussed. The considered parameters are the stator and rotor resistances, the leakage stator and rotor inductances, and the mutual inductance. For each parameter, the terminal voltage and the generator rotor speed for different fault-clearing time are drawn. The obtained results will help to understand the transient stability phenomena in wind farms.