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How to Measure Propensity to Take Risks in the Italian Context: The Italian Validation of the Risk Propensity Scale

  • Autori: Marton G.; Monzani D.; Vergani L.; Pizzoli S.F.M.; Pravettoni G.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2023
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
  • Parole Chiave: decision making; Italian validation; risk propensity
  • OA Link:


Risk propensity is a multifaced construct that influences many aspects of life, such as decision making. In the present study, the psychometric characteristics of the Risk Propensity Scale (RPS) have been explored for the first time in an Italian sample. The RPS is a 7 item self-report questionnaire measuring people’s tendency to take risks. The English RPS has been translated following the forward–backwards translation method, and it was filled out by 199 participants. Since its dimensionality has never been explored before, its factor structure has been analysed with exploratory factor analysis that confirmed the one-factor structure of the questionnaire and the retention of all the items. The Italian version of the RPS has high internal consistency (Cronbach alphas.78), and almost all the items were positively and significantly correlated. The convergent and discriminant validity, analysed by considering the associations with decision-making styles and an implicit measure of risk propensity, were satisfactory. Overall, the Italian version of the RPS is a valid and quick questionnaire useful to measure propensity to take risks in the Italian context.