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CV Eng



I’m a researcher in the field of material science, particularly in the application of material science to the conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage, and to the formulation and characterization of hydraulic mortars based on air hardening lime.

In the recent years I focused my attention on the diagnostics and characterization of materials, acquiring a deep knowledge on several analytical techniques such as, Raman microscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, XR Diffractometry, helium picnometry.

My PhD thesis subject was “materials for restoration of wood”, so that I studied deeply the wood and nowadays I can identify the wooden species in a sample by means of optical microscopy.

My teaching activity consists of two courses, the first is “Laboratory of Materials Analysis” in the degree course on Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, the second is “Characterization of Building Materials” in the degree course building systems.