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Technology standard diffusion and negative network externalities: a lesson from the third Browser War

  • Autori: Perrone, G; La Commare, U; Ventura, A
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2009
  • Tipologia: Capitolo o Saggio (Capitolo o saggio)
  • Parole Chiave: Standards diffusion, Lock-in, Web Browser
  • OA Link:


This paper presents a new model for technology standard diffusion that highlights the importance of negative network externalities in some fields of technology product such as web browsers. Again, as often happened in this research field, motivation and suggestion for such a research has been acquired from the evolution of the web browser war. So, in the paper, the main literature concerning standard diffusion has been reviewed in conjunction with web browser evolution, and the necessity of a new development of technology standard diffusion models is highlighted and supported by empirical evidences.