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Evaluating the feasibility of the Italian version of the computerized interactive remediation of cognition training for schizophrenia (circuits)

  • Autori: la Cascia C.; Ferraro L.; Seminerio F.; Scaglione A.; Maniaci G.; Matranga D.; Sideli L.; Colli G.; Sartorio C.; La Paglia F.; Tripoli G.; Lo Baido R.; Cella M.; La Barbera D.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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Background: Circuits is a computerized cognitive remediation program for individuals with schizophrenia. this study aimed to evaluate the feasibility of the italian version of circuits. MethODs: Feasibility was measured through ad-hoc questionnaires in a non-clinical sample (N.=30; target-score 70%; study 1); in patients with schizophrenia (N.=5; target-score 60%; study 2) and cr therapists (N.=3; target-score 60%; study 2). study 3 was a pilot study investigating: 1) enrolment, compliance, and retention rates; 2) satisfaction; 3) potential post-treatment and follow-up improvements in patients with schizophrenia (N.=20). these results were used to estimate sample size and feasibility for a future trial. resULts: all non-clinical participants rated high feasibility of circuits (83.3-100% scores). all patients (60-100% high-scores) and cr therapists (66-100% high-scores) evaluated circuits feasible. high rates of retention in treatment (74.5%) and satisfaction (85-100%) in patients were showed. Post-treatment assessment revealed an improvement in all cognitive measures. a sample size of 32 was calculated for each arm of the trial, at the desired power of 80%, to recruit for 18 months. cONcLUsiONs: results showed the feasibility of the italian version of circuits, they will inform a controlled future trial and implementation study of this therapy approach in the italian mental health system.