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Esplorazioni sul futuro prossimo del mondo reale


New visions of the near future capable of questioning the dominant thought and its narration have emerged through different scenarios of utopias and apocalyptic visions that allow us to glimpse the real after the present. In the last decades, in particular, from the imagery of these scenarios emerges the need to address the effects of the impact of anthropic activity on climate change and the growth of the global population for the survival of society, highlighting these issues among the greatest challenges. criticality that humanity is facing. Utopia and dystopia are the main approaches to the material and immaterial narrative of present and future society. If utopia does not maintain links with real history, utopians in fact often use the story of an adventurous journey through unexplored lands, while dystopia is instead placed in continuity with the historical process, welcoming and magnifying the criticalities of the existing.