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LigaSure in total thyroidectomy.

  • Autori: Cipolla, C.; Graceffa, G.; Sandonato, L.; Fricano, S.; Vieni, S.; Latteri, M.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2008
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
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PURPOSE: LigaSure is a bipolar diathermy system, which achieves vessel sealing with reduced thermal spread. The device has been used successfully in abdominal operations and because of its features, it has been applied recently in thyroid surgery to minimize the risk of complications such as laryngeal nerve palsy and hypocalcemia, and also to reduce the operating time. METHODS: Between June and December 2005, we performed total thyroidectomy for various disorders in 105 patients. We used the LigaSure diathermy system in 53 patients and traditional hemostatic procedures in the other 52. We evaluated the demographic features, histopathological diagnosis, operating times, and relevant postoperative complications. RESULTS: The two study groups had similar demographic and histopathological features. The mean operating time +/- SD was not significantly shorter in the LigaSure group than in the traditional group (104 +/- 12.7 vs 110 +/- 15.6 min). None of the patients in either group suffered hemorrhage, definitive hypocalcemia, or definitive laryngeal nerve palsy. Transient hypocalcemia and transient laryngeal nerve palsy developed in 7.54% and in 1.88%, respectively, of the patients in the LigaSure group, and in 7.69% and 1.92%, respectively, of the patients in the traditional group; these differences were not significant. CONCLUSIONS: LigaSure is a safe and effective method of hemostasis control, but it did not reduce the incidence of complications or operating times compared with traditional hemostatic procedures; moreover, the operative costs were higher.