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Biographical notes


Laurea cum laude in Civil Hydraulic Engineeering, (1973), University of Palermo. Full Professor at the University of Palermo since 1994, his main research activities are related to the areas of water resources management under scarcity conditions, urban drainage, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems applied to water resources management, and hydraulic modelling for mapping areas subject to flooding. He took part, partly as coordinator, to some EU funded projects (FIRETOURIS – INTERREG III C; PRODIM -  Proactive Management of  Water Systems to Face Drought and Water Scarcity in Islands and Coastal Areas of the Mediterranean - INTERREG III B – ARCHIMED; MAPRES, Marine Pollution Monitoring and Mitigation by Remote Sensing), and to national projects, funded by Ministry of University, as national coordinator.

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Ongoing research activities

1 . Integrated information system for the acquisition, management and sharing of environmental data for decision support - SESAMO - Year 2011. Funded by the Region of Sicily in the ERDF OP 2007/2013 Action Line - Scientific Coordinator
2 . Aquaknight - AQUA Knowledge and Innovation transfer for water saving in the Mediterranean basin. Funded under the ENPI - CBCMED . Year 2011-2014 - Head of Palermo Unit
3 . MITO - Multimedia Information for Territorial Objects - PON - CAP 2013-2015. National Ministry of Education and Research. Scientific responsible Palermo OU
4 . SMARTWATERTECH - funded under the call "Design ideas for Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation" . Scientific Responsible Palermo OU 
5 . Implementation of the hydromorphological information system for updating and management of the Protection Plan and the implementation of the information system for monitoring and supporting the management of the Sicily Hydrographic District  - Regional Department of Water and Waste - Region of Sicily
6 . Studies for the organization and updating of the hydrographic river network aiming to the management of the Protection Water Plan for the Sicily Hydrographic District - Regional Department of Water and Waste - Region of Sicily