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Identification of biological targets through the correlation between cell line chemosensitivity and protein expression pattern

  • Autori: Lauria, Antonino; La Monica, Gabriele; Gentile, Carla; Mannino, Giuseppe; Martorana, Annamaria; Peri, Daniele
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2021
  • Tipologia: Review essay (rassegna critica)
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Matching biological data sequences is one of the most interesting ways to discover new bioactive compounds. In particular, matching cell chemosensitivity with a protein expression profile can be a useful approach to predict the activity of compounds against definite biological targets. In this review, we discuss this correlation. First, we analyze case studies in which some known drugs, acting on known targets, show a good correlation between their antiproliferative activities and protein expression when a large panel of tumor cells is considered. Then, we highlight how the application of in silico methods based on the correlation between cell line chemosensitivity and gene/protein expression patterns might be a quick, cheap, and interesting approach to predict the biological activity of investigated molecules.