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La flora vascolare delle Rocche di Entella (entroterra della Sicilia occidentale)

  • Autori: Gianguzzi, L.; D'Amico, A.; Caldarella, O.; Romano, S.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2011
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
  • Parole Chiave: Flora vascolare, Rocche di Entella, Sicilia
  • OA Link:


We present the results of a study on the vascular flora of the Rocche di Entella (Contessa Entellina, Palermo province); this biotope, extending over an area of 178 hectares and including a Nature Reserve, has been recognized as a Site of Community Interest (ITA020042). The biotope is characterized by the Messinian gypseous-sulphureous series and falls within the lower mesomediterranean bioclimatic belt, with upper dry ombrotype, locally tending towards thermomediterranean thermotype. Local landscape is affected by prolonged historical exploitation of the territory, which led to the impoverishment of climacic forest communities, almost totally replaced by secondary vegetation (grasslands) and cultivated areas (annual crops). Floristic investigations led to the elaboration of a checklist including 415 infrageneric taxa, belonging to 267 genera and 62 families. Endemics are represented by 18 infrageneric taxa (4,4%), among which there are Crepis sprengeli, Erysimum metlesicsii, Odontites rigidifolius, Cymbalaria pubescens, Brassica villosa subsp. tinei, Ophrys panormitana, Malva agrigentina, Gypsophila arrostii, etc. Other species of phytogeographical interest are Allium cupanii, Matthiola fruticulosa and Stipa barbata, as well as some entities closely linked to the outcrops of Messinian evaporitic series (Sedum ochroleucum, S. gypsicola, Diplotaxis harra subsp. crassifolia and Chaenorhinum exile).