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The tumor-agnostic treatment for patients with solid tumors: a position paper on behalf of the AIOM- SIAPEC/IAP-SIBioC-SIF Italian Scientific Societies

  • Autori: Russo A.; Incorvaia L.; Malapelle U.; Del Re M.; Capoluongo E.; Vincenzi B.; Chiari R.; Cortesi L.; Danesi R.; Florena A.M.; Fontanini G.; Gori S.; Marchetti A.; Normanno N.; Pinto C.; Sangiolo D.; Silvestris N.; Tagliaferri P.; Tallini G.; Cinieri S.; Beretta G.D.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2021
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
  • OA Link:


The personalized medicine is in a rapidly evolving scenario. The identification of actionable mutations is revolutionizing the therapeutic landscape of tumors. The morphological and histological tumor features are enriched by the extensive genomic profiling, and the first tumor-agnostic drugs have been approved regardless of tumor histology, guided by predictive and druggable genetic alterations. This new paradigm of “mutational oncology”, presents a great potential to change the oncologic therapeutic scenario, but also some critical aspects need to be underlined. A process governance is mandatory to ensure the genomic testing accuracy and homogeneity, the economic sustainability, and the regulatory issues, ultimately granting the possibility of translating this model in the “real world”. In this position paper, based on experts’ opinion, the AIOM–SIAPEC-IAP–SIBIOC–SIF Italian Scientific Societies revised the new agnostic biomarkers, the diagnostic technologies available, the current availability of agnostic drugs and their present indication.