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Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators for Pico Hydropower Application: A Parametrical Study


A pico hydropower plant is an energy harvesting system that allows energy production using the power of the water flowing in small watercourses, and in water distribution network. Axial Flow Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (AFPMSG) are particularly suitable for this application, being efficient machines that achieve high power with small dimensions. This paper presents a parametrical study of several configurations and topologies of three-phase and single-phase AFPMSG, for pico hydropower application, to assess the most suitable dimensional characteristics for the most energy production using a safe voltage of 25 V. The AFPMSGs here considered has a simple single stator and rotor configuration, commercial-type permanent magnets, and concentric windings, to facilitate their cost-effective construction and the spread of their use also in developing countries. For each AFPMSG considered, the power output was calculated using 3-D modelling and Finite Element Analysis; besides, the different parameters and features that affect the power output were evaluated at different rotational speeds. The results achieving a power density up to 100 W/cm(3), at 1000 rpm with energy produced to 1.7 kWh/day.