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Electrical Distribution Substation Remote Diagnosis and Control System


This paper presents the conception, design, set up and realization of a prototype system for telemanagement of a MV/LV substation. The prototype has been developed according to the current standards. This system allows to monitor the status of the MV/LV substation box, of the medium voltage equipment, of the transformer and of the low voltage equipment. In particular, the system acts when some specified events occur. The prototype has been realized by using a DAQ; the software that implement the telemanagement system has been developed in LabVIEW environment. The system allows a remote monitoring of the quantities of interest that is carried out using the TeamViewer software able to establish a web connection between the user and the operations center. Moreover the developed telemanagement system has been set up and tested on a test bench for this purpose built. The test bench allows to inject some faults and, consequently, to verify if the prototype detect the anomalous working condition. The realized telemanagement system, based on appropriate sensors, has been easily integrated into an electrical substation because it uses commercially and normally installed devices.