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Photovoltaic plant array reconfiguration: Design of a new device


An efficient strategy to improve unequally irradiated PV plants performances is based on the reconfiguration of the connections between the modules. In this paper, an algorithm, for this purpose conceived, is presented. Moreover, the design, realization and finally also the set up of a new reconfiguration system device is fully shown and discussed. The algorithm conceived simulates several possible series-parallel connections under varying irradiation conditions, and determines the optimal modules connection in order to get the maximum output power. In this way, the reconfiguration system may set up the reconfiguration strategy. The reconfiguration system prototype set up, basically consists of one acquisition and conditioning system, one control system (Arduino Mega 2560 based on the ATmega2560 microcontroller) and one actuation system. It has been conceived to research the best homogeneity condition (string PV modules irradiation condition) in order to increase the energy produced under partial shading conditions. © 2014 IEEE.