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From a multivariate spatio-temporal array to a multipollutant - multisite Air Quality Index

  • Autori: Plaia, A; Ruggieri, M; Di Salvo, F; Agro', G
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2010
  • Tipologia: eedings
  • Parole Chiave: Pollution; multyway array; Air Quality Index
  • OA Link:


AQIs are computed on air pollution data that are usually collected according to time, space and type of pollutant: in a given town/region, data consisting of hourly levels of K pollutants recorded in S monitoring sites, are usually organized in a three-mode array. A first aggregation step usually concerns time, and allows to pass from hourly data to a daily synthesis: in this paper data will be aggregated by time according to the guidelines provided by the national agencies producing the three mode array X. Here we will propose a new approach to get a Multipollutant-Multisite Air Quality Index time series from a multivariate spatio-temporal array. This implies a two step aggregation, according to space and to pollutant. In order to find a spatial synthesis of pollutant time series a three mode factor analysis will be used, obtaining AQIk; the AQI (I2), proposed by Ruggieri et al. (2009) with respect to a single monitoring site, will be then applied to represent the global air pollution situation on a given day.