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Combination of the OSA process with thermal treatment at moderate temperature for excess sludge minimization

  • Autori: Corsino, Santo Fabio; Capodici, Marco; Di Trapani, Daniele; Torregrossa, Michele, Viviani, Gaspare
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista
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This study investigated the chance to couple the conventional Oxic Settling Anaerobic (OSA) process with a thermic treatment at moderate temperature (35 °C). The maximum excess sludge reduction rate (80%) was achieved when the plant was operated under 3 h of hydraulic retention time (HRT). Compared with the conventional OSA system, the thermic treatment enabled a further improvement in excess sludge minimization of 35%. The observed yield coefficient decreased from 0.25 gTSS gCOD−1 to 0.10 gTSS gCOD−1 when the temperature in the anaerobic reactor was increased to 35 °C, despite the lower HRT (3 h vs 6 h). Moreover, the thermic treatment enabled the decrease of filamentous bacteria, thereby improving the sludge settling properties. The thermic treatment enhanced the destruction of extracellular polymeric substances and the increase of endogenous decay rate (from 0.64 d−1 to 1.16 d−1) that reduced the biomass active fraction (from 22% to 4%).