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Exact and approximate analytical solutions for nonlocal nanoplates of arbitrary shapes in bending using the line element-less method


In this study, an innovative procedure is presented for the analysis of the static behavior of plates at the micro and nano scale, with arbitrary shape and various boundary conditions. In this regard, the well-known Eringen’s nonlocal elasticity theory is used to appropriately model small length scale effects. The proposed mesh-free procedure, namely the Line Element-Less Method (LEM), only requires the evaluation of simple line integrals along the plate boundary parametric equation. Further, variations of appropriately introduced functionals eventually lead to a linear system of algebraic equations in terms of the expansion coefficients of the deflection function. Notably, the proposed procedure yields approximate analytical solutions for general shapes and boundary conditions, and even exact solutions for some plate geometries. In addition, several applications are discussed to show the simplicity and applicability of the procedure, and comparison with pertinent data in the literature assesses the accuracy of the proposed approach.