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Culture, communication and cooperation: the three Cs for a proactive creative city


The network of European Union creative cities is a powerful new configuration of dynamic, innovative and action-oriented cities, able to transform the space using their network of cultural heritage and activities. From a vision in which the more competitive cities are those able to attract the creative class must go to a vision in which the city becomes generates creativity, presents itself as a powerful incubator of economies based on creativity, culture, research and artistic production. The cities will have to invest in the experience economy, strengthening their identity. The Creative City 3.0, therefore, is an active tension, that requires a long-term vision ability, and calls us to action. A creative city offers some relevant resources for city councils, planners, architects and designers, an indispensable guide towards innovation and quality production, balancing free enterprise and initiative and contributing to the overall happiness of the communities they seek to serve.