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Progettare la città liquida. Il nuovo Piano Regolatore Portuale di Palermo


The approval in 2018 of the new Masterplan for the Port of Palermo, elaborated in 2008 and result of a long process of planning, negotiation, verifications and approvals, is an important starting point to complete the project of optimization of port functions and overall redesign of the urban waterfront improving new relationship between city and water, already started through some technical and functional interventions of the Port Authority and the recent conclusion of the international competition of ideas for the new cruise and passenger terminals and the related areas of city-port interface. The Masterplan for the Port of Palermo acts simultaneously on three levels: it redefines and declines the relationship between sea and city, plans the increase of efficiency of the commercial and cruise port and plans the new "fluid city", strengthening the quality and attractiveness of the marinas and proposing some areas of the city-port interface where the urban project will introduce new uses, bring new languages and produce new landscapes based on the creative fruition of the urban sea. Finally, the Port Masterplan contributes to an overall rethinking of the relationship between Palermo and its port, declining its relationship in three ways with a different gradient of city-port interaction: the fluid port, the permeable port and the rigid port.