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HPV group- and type-specific concordance in HPV infected sexual couples.

  • Autori: Giovannelli, L.; Bellavia, C.; Capra, G.; Migliore, M.; Caleca, M.; Giglio, M.; Perino, A.; Matranga, D.; Ammatuna, P.
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2007
  • Tipologia: Articolo in rivista (Articolo in rivista)
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The concordance of human papillomavirus (HPV) groups and types was evaluated in 45 sexual couples with both partners HPV infected, by analyzing cervical samples from women and three genital sites (penile brushing, urethral brushing, and semen) from men. When grouping HPV types, no significant HPV group sharing was found between partners, either considering samples from any male site (concordance: 55.5%; P = 0.11) or from each site (concordance by penile brushing, 37.8%; urethral brushing, 24.5%; semen, 22.3%; P > 0.05). Examining individual HPV types, using samples from any male site, concordance was found in 29 (64.4%; P = 0.036) couples; significant concordance was evident for 16 HPV genotypes, the most frequent being HPV-6, -66, -31, -51, and -53. Using samples from specific male sites, concordance was found by penile brushing in 24 (53.3%) couples, urethral brushing in 16 (35.5%), and semen in 7 (15.5%; P = 0.014). Among the 16 HPV types shared by examining samples from any male site, 9 (56.3%) were in common by penile brushing, 11 (68.7%) by urethral brushing, and 6 (37.5%; P = 0.48) by semen. Combined penile brushing and urethral brushing sampling identified all the 29 couples concordant by the three male sites; combined penile brushing and semen detected 26 (89.6%) concordant couples. The most adequate approach to the assessment of HPV concordance in sexual couples could be based on the analysis of individual HPV types and the sampling of men by penile brushing combined with urethral brushing. The high and significant degree of HPV type-specific concordance confirms HPV transmission between sexual partners.