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Research Area

Active Research fields

Study of biochemical mechanisms underlying  the cell death (apoptosis, necrosis, autophagy) in tumor cells  induced by different classes of compounds. Identification of the cytotoxic synergistic action exerted by different combinations of compounds in tumor cells in culture. Study of the nutraceutical properties (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumor) of tropical fruits cultivated in Sicily.

Research projects of the last 5 years

Valorization of nutraceutical properties of subtropical cultivations in Sicily.


Active research

The Biochemistry group has a fully equipped cell culture room and the laboratory spaces supplied with fluorescent photomicroscopy with digital camera and image analysis system; a cell plate reader; a flow cytometer EPICS XL with EXPO32 software; a UV/Vis spectrophotometer; PCR (Applied Biosystem) and Real time PCR (BioRad) Thermal Cyclers; imaging system for chemiluminescent image acquisition and analysis (Chemidoc, BioRad).



Services delivered under the right of third parties

Analysis on mechanisms of cel death (apoptosis, necrosis, authophagy)in cell cultures.

Studies on oxidative and nitrosative stress.


Real time PCR analysis.