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Short Biography



Graduated in Biological Science in 2004 at University of Palermo. In 2012 receives a PhD in Nuclear Chemical and Safety Technologies from University of Palermo, with a dissertation about “Preparation and characterization of biodegradable polymeric scaffolds: tuning of structure, biodegradability and cell proliferation”. From 2009 to 2013 he had a MIUR post-doc fellow about:
”Control of formation of polymeric biodegradable foams (scaffold) prepared through phase separation”.

From academic year 2012/13 is a teaching assistant enrolled in the course “Fundaments of Biochemical Plants”, for MS students in Biotechnologies for Industry and Scientific Research.

Currently, he is a post-doc, enrolled in “Piattaforma regionale di ricerca traslazione per la salute”project.

Main research interests:

  • Production and characterization of polymeric scaffold for tissue engineering applications.
  • In vitro tests of polymeric graft for vascular tissue engineering.
  • Degradation of biomedical devices in physiological medium.
  • Design and set up of lab-scale bioreactors.

He published 12 papers on international ISI Journals, 1 patents, 1 book chapters and more than 30 extended abstracts on conference proceedings.

Participation to research projects:

-       PRIN 2008, UR Palermo, 2010-12

-       PRIN 2010, UR Palermo, 2013-16

PON-SIB, PON 2007/2013