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A numerical approach for the modelling of forming limits in hot incremental forming of AZ31 magnesium alloy


Magnesium alloys, because of their good specific material strength, can be considered attractive by different industry fields, as the aerospace and the automotive one. However, their use is limited by the poor formability at room temperature. In this research, a numerical approach is proposed in order to determine an analytical expression of material formability in hot incremental forming processes. The numerical model was developed using the commercial software ABAQUS/Explicit. The Johnson-Cook material model was used, and the model was validated through experimental measurements carried out using the ARAMIS system. Different geometries were considered with temperature varying in a range of 25–400 °C and wall angle in a range of 35–60°. An analytical expression of the fracture forming limit, as a function of temperature, was established and finally tested with a different geometry in order to assess the validity.