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Le due vie della prova ontologica. Dal possibile all'esistente e dall'esistente al possibile


Ontological proof can still claim a meaning for itself as a privileged locus of religious experience that thought has to the extent that it makes itself able to open up to something that, for its part, cannot be contained in the scope of the simply thinkable. This article will discuss, also in a dialogue with the positions of some authors, the possibility of this religious experience that spans thought and which thought itself is able to account for, no longer with the means of a purely demonstrative procedure, but going right to the bottom of those conflicts and internal lacerations that make it, so to speak, permeable to faith. This makes it possible, at one and the same time, to find in the speculative gesture of thought, of which ontological proof is an eminent expression, not the ambitious trait of abusive reason that takes away space from the experience of the believer, but a privileged moment in which the experience of the believer gains breadth and depth.