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Alida Cosenza is Assistant professor at Departement of Engineering of Palermo University. In 2006 she obtained a degree in Environmental Engineering, cum laude, from University of Palermo with the thesis: Mathematical modelling of NDEBPR plants: application at the case study of Gela’s plant”. In 2011 she obtained her PhD in Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (XXII course) from the Palermo University with the defence of the thesis: Modelling of the nutrient removal processes in UCT-MBR systems (supervisor: prof. Gaspare Viviani). In 2010 she has been guest PhD student at Laval University in the research team ModelEAU, under the supervision of prof. P.A. Vanrolleghem. Her research activities deal with:

- mathematical modelling of wastewater treatment plants;

- wastewater tratment plants optimization;

- advanced methods for sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis and calibration of complex models

- nutrient removal processes from wastewater;

- greenhouse gases emissions and energy demand of wastewater treatment plants;

- illicit drugs and micropollutants behaviour in wastewater treatment plants;

- respirometric tests of solid wastes.