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Data Titolo Tipologia Scheda
2023 Values, cities and migrations. Real estate market and social system in a multi-cultural city Curatela Vai
2023 Preface Prefazione/Postfazione Vai
2023 Energy Communities in urban areas: Comparison of energy strategy and economic feasibility in Italy and Spain Articolo in rivista Vai
2023 Market Values and Socioeconomic Mixité in Palermo. The Role of Migrants in the Commercial Real Estate Market Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2022 Public and Private Economic Feasibility of Green Areas as a Passive Energy Measure: A Case Study in the Mediterranean City of Trapani in Southern Italy Articolo in rivista Vai
2022 Social Housing and Affordable Rent: The Effectiveness of Legal Thresholds of Rents in Two Italian Metropolitan Cities Articolo in rivista Vai
2022 Migrants, Retail Properties and Historic Centre. Urban and Economic Resilience in Palermo (Italy) Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2021 Energy Equalization and the Case of the “nZEB Hotels” Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2021 The Financial Costs in Energy Efficient District. Alternative Scenarios from the Demo Sites of the CITyFiED Program Contributo in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume Vai
2020 The European Green Deal: New Challenges for the Economic Feasibility of Energy Retrofit at District Scale Contributo in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume Vai
2020 Smart city ed efficientamento energetico: opportunità e sfide dall’European Green Deal e dai programmi europei Articolo in rivista Vai
2019 Scenarios of climatic resilience, economic feasibility and environmental sustainability for the refurbishment of the early 20th century buildings Capitolo o Saggio Vai
2017 The efficiency of the incentives for the public buildings’ energy retrofit. The case of the Italian Regions of the “Objective Convergence” Articolo in rivista Vai