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Meritare il perdono, meritare la memoria: equilibrio del discorso e verdetto della storia nella pro Marcello di Cicerone


In the pro Marcello Cicero focuses on the merits of Marcellus and Caesar. The Marcellus’ virtutes (in continuity with his familiar tradition) confirm that his return may not represent a danger; his exile indeed is a real damage to the Republic. The theme of memory then allows Cicero to meditate on Caesar's politics: only defending the integrity of the state with his clementia, the statesman will obtain glory and immortality. The issue about the responsibilities of the Pompeian pars is also examined: many people have followed Pompeius not for ideological choices but only because of an error. Then Caesar must be able to propose a ‘good’ victory, or, in other words, an ethical and political model of controlling the res publica, in order to rehabilitate each protagonist.