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Thermal modelling of the ATHENA X-IFU filters

  • Autori: Sciortino, Luisa; Lo Cicero, Ugo; Ferruggia Bonura, Salvatore; D'Anca, Fabio; Buttacavoli, Antonino; Puccio, Elena; Barbera, Marco
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
  • Tipologia: Contributo in atti di convegno pubblicato in volume
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The X-IFU instrument of the ATHENA mission requires a set of thermal filters to reduce the photon shot noise onto its cryogenic detector and to protect it from molecular contamination. A set of five filters, operating at different nominal temperatures corresponding to the cryostat shield temperatures, is currently baselined. The knowledge of the actual filter temperature profiles is crucial to have a good estimation of the radiative load on the detector. Furthermore, a few filters may need to be warmed-up to remove contaminants and it is necessary to ensure that a threshold temperature is reached throughout the filters surface. For these reasons, it is fundamental to develop a thermal modeling of the full set of filters in a representative configuration. The baseline filter is a polyimide membrane 45 nm thick coated with 30 nm of highpurity aluminum, mechanically supported by a metallic honeycomb mesh. In this paper, we describe the implemented thermal modeling and report the results obtained in different studies: (i) a trade-off analysis on how to reach a minimum target temperature throughout the outer filter, (ii) a thermal analysis when varying the emissivity of the filter surfaces, and (iii) the effect of removing one of the filters.