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B.Sc. in Biological Sciences


The Bachelor degree in Biology is a three year undergraduate programme. A total of 180 credits (ECTS) must be acquired, on average 60 ECTS per year.




ECTS measure the student workload necessary to achieve the objectives of the programme. One ECTS corresponds to 25 hours of learning activities, including lectures, excercises, lab practicals, seminars, homework and other educational activities.
According to the kind of educational activity, one ECTS may correspond to:
-   8 hours of lectures + 17 hours homework;
- 12 hours of individual practical excercises + 13 hours of homework;
- 12 hours of laboratory practicals and data analysis + 13 hours of homework;
- 25 hours of group work or lab practicals without data analysis + 13 hours of homework.

The BSc Biology programme covers a range of topics (180 ECTS) providing a broad overview of the biological sciences.


Course structure