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Terza Missione

OACCUs project


he OACCUs (Outdoor-against-cance- connect-us) project is being funded by the European Commission in the framework of the EU4Health program. Europe's beaEng cancer plan aims not only to ensure that young cancer paEents survive their disease, but also that they live long, fulfilling lives. This project, with 13 partners from 6 countries, is about fostering a future-oriented healthy lifestyle through four core elements: a) outdoor sports and exercise, b) psychoeducaEon, c) healthy nutriEon and d) a healthy environment (or sustainable lifestyle).
OACCUs pursues the idea of training young cancer survivors, their families and friends as ambassadors and coaches in each parEcipaEng country and developing and sustaining a network of young cancer survivors. All 13 partners are already involved in the topic of young cancer survivors and / or have developed concepts for primary, secondary, and terEary prevenEon of cancer together
with partners in the past years.

Intellectual outputs

In the framework of this project, Unipa has generated different tools to disseminate the purpose of the project. As leader of the Pillar 3 Sustainability & Nature, Unipa staff has led the design of some digital resources, listed below: