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Web portal of the program in Data, Algorithms, and Machine Intelligence

The Master's Degree program provides theoretical, experimental, and practical skills on data representation and computation, for efficient and intelligent information processing. The program covers transversal topics in Data, Algorithms, and Machine Intelligence, as well as in-depth studies in application areas where data are big, relations are complex, and machine-learning structures are deep.


Classes taught in English:   

  • Combinatorial and Probabilistic Algorithms

  • Big data management

  • Multisensory data exploration

  • Knowledge representation and reasoning

  • Cybersecurity

  • Information theory and data compression

  • Data encryption and codes

  • Cloud and high performance computing

  • Complex networks

  • Artificial intelligence and deep learning

  • Machine intelligence for optimization

  • Information retrieval and natural language processing

  • Pattern Discovery for Life Sciences 


International students:



One of the following:

  1. Italian Bachelor (Laurea) in

    • L-31 scienze e tecnologie informatiche;

    • L-35 scienze matematiche;

    • L-8 ingegneria dell’informazione;

    • L-41 statistica;

    • L-30 scienze e tecnologie fisiche;

  2. Any Italian Bachelor (Laurea) or Master (Laurea Magistrale) including 12CFU (ECTS credits) of Mathematics and Physics, and 24 CFU of Computer and Information Sciences;

  3. Any foreign Degree that is equivalent to those described in points a) and b).

English language at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.