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PhD Student

Background and Research Project

Graphical Abstract 

 Syed Abdullah

I am Syed Abdullah Shah, Ph.D student in CHEMICAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, BIOMEDICAL, HYDRAULIC AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING at the University of Palermo. I got my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from International Islamic University, Islamabad in 2015.

After that, I moved to Seoul, South Korea for my master study. I completed my master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Sogang University, South Korea. During my master’s research, I have worked on a project titled "Development of Electro-Membrane Technology for Hybrid Low Energy Desalination Plant Energy Recovery Process”. The objective of this research project was to modify the nanocomposite membrane for the enhancement of the electrical performance of a membrane-based Electrochemical energy device, which is known as Reverse Electro-dialysis or Blue energy.

My research project for this PhD course aims to extract minerals from brine solution via electrodialysis bipolar membrane technology (EDBM). On the hand also to harvest clean water and energy.

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Lorenzo Barbara


Lorenzo Barbara is a Biologist, graduated from University of Palermo in Industrial Biotechnology. During his master's thesis, and in the subsequent period as a research collaborator, he conducted research in microbiology and organic chemistry.

He is member of the H2020 EU Project WiderUptake team, and he is working on reduction and recovery of sewage sludge. His doctoral research includes the study of innovative technologies for reducing the sewage sludge production from urban wastewater treatments and the reuse of sludge in agriculture, such as the production of compost. Through the studies conducted on pilot-scale and full-scale plants, the major aims of the thesis include the reduction of sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants and sludge reuse by providing economic and eco-sustainable technological solutions.


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Nina Benistati

I’m Nina Benistati, PhD student in “Chemical, Environmental, Biomedical, Hydraulic and Materials Engineering” at the University of Palermo. I got my master degree in building engineering-architecture in March 2020.

Theme of my research program:

The flow discharge estimation, especially during extreme events, and the evaluation of the impacts of the hydrodynamic variations in river ecosystem represent the main challenges for the protection of fluvial systems and the ecosystem biodiversity. In this research project we want to study the effects of flow hydrodynamics on bioindicators such as freshwater bivalves through the experimental monitoring of their behavior both in normal flow conditions and under environmental stresses. The identification of bioindicators behavior would allow us to monitor the extreme events evaluating the hydrodynamic effects on the river ecosystem. This research project is part of a broader research program aimed to develop an integrated monitoring process based on the combination of hydrodynamic model and advanced no-contact radar technologies and biological sensors.

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Laura Corbari

I am Laura Corbari, PhD student in “Chemical, Environmental, Biomedical, Hydraulic and Materials Engineering” at the University of Palermo. I graduated in Environmental Engineering (LM-35) on March 2019 at the same University. From April to July 2019 I participated to Erasmus+ project and I worked in a company in Malaga (Spain). The field of my work was concerned the data science and visualization. From February to August 2020 I did a scholarship in the Laboratory of Ecology, Earth and Marine Sciences Department of the University of Palermo. My master’s thesis “Spectral description techniques of macroplastics and microplastics: potential of remote sensing” concerned the possibility to detect the marine litter, in particular the microplastics items, using the satellite images. The goal of my PhD project is to continue this research, conducting other experimental work. I will analyse the spectral signature of sea sampled polymers and I will evaluate the possibility to monitor the plastic pollution through the remote sensing. Basing on the satellite data and on the sea survey, I would like to carry out a Lagrangian model that could predict the aggregation of plastic litter. Thanks to the collaboration with the laboratory of Ecology I will evaluate the effects of plastic marine litter on marine organisms and their implication on ecosystems functioning.

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Michele Gammino

My name is Michele Gammino PhD student in “Chemical, Environmental, Biomedical, Hydraulic and Materials Engineering” at the University of Palermo. I got my Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Palermo in 2019. My research project is based on the development of new multi-functional nano and biocomposite materials obtained by classical manufacturing processes and by the 2d and 3D electrospinning process. The research activity considered in this program is linked to that already carried out by the research group led by Professor Roberto Scaffaro, which I have been a member. More in detail, the objective of my project concerns the design and development of biopolymer matrix platforms with added carbon and non-carbon particles, for the removal of pollutants from water. The design of multifunctional polymeric systems that have the ability to sequester, degrade and remove more pollutants together turns out to be a great challenge that presents different difficulties. In this perspective, my PhD research project aims to extend and improve the development of these materials for the simultaneous removal of pollutants of various kinds and at the same time pay attention to their recycling and reuse.

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Giulia Infurna

My Name is Giulia Infurna, I graduated with honour in Chemical Engineering (Product) from the University of Palermo. In the last year, I joined Prof. Dintcheva’s research group in two different projects: the first one concerning coatings for Cultural Heritege protection, and the second one about coatings and paints for naval applications. Since I’m interested in circular economy, bio-economy and the impact of human productivity on the environment, as well as processing of materials, I’m going to propose a way to reuse waste, from forest and agriculture industry or waste management industry, as filler of biodegradable polymers by means of conventional processing methods, trying to standardize and optimize the process.

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