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Placement analysis


The Study Program (CdS) conducts placement analysis of its graduates at least biennially. The results, available on the CdS website, show a clear trend among graduates of the Management Engineering program in Palermo to continue their education with a Master's degree (less than 5% of bachelor's graduates choose not to proceed).

The CdS focuses on the continued education of its bachelor's graduates while maintaining industry connections for multiple purposes. The first objective is to create a communication channel with companies to familiarize students with the professional environments they will enter. It also aims to promote contact with businesses through internship opportunities. Additionally, the goal is to present job prospects to students who complete their studies with a Master's in Management Engineering in Palermo.

The CdS also sends graduate CVs from each graduation session to a database of companies operating in sectors relevant to management engineers.

Furthermore, all job opportunities for CdS students, of which the Coordinator or faculty members are informed through institutional channels or direct business relationships, are posted on the website.

Lastly, in coordination with the Polytechnic School and the relevant Department, seminar activities and orientation days are organized with the main companies operating in fields typical of management engineering (career days, open recruiting programs).

At the university level, students, especially those nearing graduation, can use the placement service provided by the Orientation and Tutoring Center at the University of Palermo. Graduates can also access post-graduate internships, following the University regulations.

Recent graduates' CVs are included in the ALMALAUREA database.


Graduate Placement Analysis of the MSc students graduated from 2011 to 2021

MSc Management Engineering_Palermo_PLACEMENT RESULTS