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Academic Council Members and Organizational Chart


The Interclass Council of the Study Program - Academic Council - (CICS) in Operations Management manages the activities related to the two Study Programs in Operations Management (Bachelor's class L-9 and Master's class LM-31).

The CICS is composed of all the professors who hold or are in charge of the courses and student representatives. The Coordinator of the Study Programs is Prof. Manfredi Bruccoleri.

The CICS carries out coordination, planning, organization, and evaluation of the teaching activities of the Study Programs, as specified in the University's Statute.

The department associated with the Study Programs is the Engineering Department.

The Professors are listed HERE.



CICS Coordinator: Manfredi Bruccoleri

CICS Secretary: Giuseppe Ingarao

Academic Affairs Secretary: Filippo Carollo

Academic Affairs Secretary (Erasmus and Double Degree): Marco Di Paola


Internationalization Delegate: Giovanna Lo Nigro

Orientation and Marketing Delegate: Mariangela Piazza

Student Satisfaction Surveys Delegate: Toni Lupo

Internships and Placement Delegate: Giuseppe Aiello (Vice Coordinator)

Organization of Graduation Examinations Delegate: Manuela La Fata

Digital Skills Promotion Delegate: Umberto La Commare


Ingegneria Gestionale Websites Delegate: Sergio Riotta