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Internship procedures


The assistance activities involve: agreements with the institutions and companies to be accredited, assigning students to the Company/Institution, assigning the University tutor and the company tutor, and drafting the internship training project. The student's final internship report, prepared by the student, is evaluated by the company tutor and the university tutor.

The Delegate of the Coordinator for internships receives the documentation of the activities from the student and submits it to the Study Program, which deliberates on the allocation of the corresponding CFUs/ECTS.

The Delegate of the Coordinator for internships also assists the student in describing the nature of an internship, the necessary requirements, how to identify the company to approach, where to find the necessary documentation (available HERE) for the start, during, and upon completion of the activity.

Sometimes, upon the student's request, the assigned teacher identifies the company where the internship can be carried out. During the internship, each intern is supported not only by the company tutor but also by an academic tutor assigned by the degree program, who assists with any bureaucratic or scientific needs.

The training internship is a tool capable of integrating the theoretical and practical training of students and guiding them towards the working world. It not only offers the opportunity to obtain educational credits useful for obtaining the degree but also the chance to acquire professional skills applicable in the job market and to make oneself known to potential employers through direct contact. The objectives of the internship are: properly integrate university curricula in terms of content, skills, and behaviors, allowing direct experiences in professional and work environments; facilitate students' professional choices by enabling them, through direct contact with the working world, to self-assess their attitudes and skills, as well as acquire precise knowledge of the requirements and opportunities offered by the market; facilitate the entry of young graduates into companies, allowing potential employers to assess the positive impacts of integrating qualified human resources into their organization.


For the internship procedure, consult the guide HERE.

Click HERE to visit the Center for Guidance and Tutoring - COT Page for all information on Internships and Training.



Prof. Giuseppe Aiello - Internship Delegate

Eng. Filippo Carollo - Teaching Office