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Inbound tutoring


This activity aligns with those carried out by the University and its Department, and primarily involves:

  • Participating in the Welcome Week, which presents the educational offerings of the University on campus or via web conference.
  • Attending Open Days organized by the Department to showcase the educational labs of various degree programs.
  • Visiting certain high schools in the city of Palermo, its province, and other provinces in Sicily.

The activity consists of a presentation of the degree program given by a faculty member affiliated with the program, delegated by the Coordinator for this task. Its purpose is to inform about the role of the management engineer with their diverse competencies and to illustrate the educational path of the degree program. The conference also aims to explain the content of the admission test for the degree program and provides guidance on how to prepare adequately for the test.

Orientation activities are coordinated at the departmental level by a faculty member appointed by the Director. This delegate manages contacts with the University Delegates and high schools and organizes the presentation of all study programs associated with the Department. Furthermore, introductory videos about the degree program and educational labs are always available on the program's website.

The degree program also uses its social media channel, Instagram, to inform and guide high school students about the educational offerings and updates in management engineering. In addition to these activities, the delegate provides assistance upon request via email or phone and can offer in-person support by appointment if needed. The delegate maintains regular contact with high school orientation representatives.


At the University Level

The University’s Orientation and Tutoring Center organizes orientation activities for incoming students, tutoring, and career guidance. Orientation initiatives for incoming students, aimed at supporting them through the entire university admission process, include informational and individual consulting activities.

Programs are arranged with high school students and schools, and a welcome desk for parents is available.

The center also provides an orientation and welcome desk for international students and a psychological counseling service for students needing psychological support with university life (exam anxiety, relationship problems, personal difficulties).

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Ongoing tutoring


The ongoing tutoring activity is carried out by the Course of Studies' faculty tutors and primarily involves mentoring students during their educational journey.

The Coordinator and the Secretary of the degree program serve as points of reference for any clarification needed during the students' studies: from choosing the orientation to decisions regarding elective courses, from recognizing educational credits for professional activities to transferring from other degree programs.

The Coordinator can utilize advanced features of the University portal that provide a detailed overview of students' academic records, including exam pass rates, earned credit units (ECTS), and other progress-related data for each student cohort. This tool allows for targeted mentoring actions if the data indicates a need.

Additionally, faculty tutors are responsible for guiding students on aspects such as customer satisfaction, internships, and periods abroad. Contact information for faculty tutors is available on the course of studies' website.

The academic secretariat for the Study Program has technical-administrative personnel units that support students in activities related to the procedures required during their educational journey.



Manfredi BRUCCOLERI (educational path)

Giuseppe INGARAO (educational path)

Toni LUPO (customer satisfaction)

Giuseppe AIELLO (internships)

Giovanna LO NIGRO (internationalization)


Pagina del Centro di Orientamento e Tutorato – COT per tutte le informazioni sul Tutorato