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To submit any type of request to the Council of the Master Program (CICS) please use the UNIPA Student Portal


What to do for the Erasmus program
Check the Eramsus webpage 


Characteristics of the Final Degree Test (Elevator Pitch)

The final test consists of an interview. The interview topic is chosen by the student from a list of subjects prepared by the Study Program and published at the beginning of the academic year on the program's website. The choice of topic will coincide with the submission of the degree application through the digital procedures outlined in Article 2 of the Final Degree Test Regulations.

For each topic, the Study Program will designate a faculty member whom the student can contact to refine the chosen subject and obtain bibliographic material. During the interview, the student must demonstrate the ability to critically analyze, explore, and elaborate on the proposed topic. Students will use a maximum of six slides to outline the topic and will submit them to the Study Program Secretariat at least one week before the scheduled session.

The final test will follow the academic calendar and take place after the last relevant exam date for degree candidates. The final test grade is given out of thirty with possible honors, and results are recorded following the same procedure as other exams.


How to Prepare the Final Degree Test (Elevator Pitch)

The student must prepare an elevator pitch, which is a presentation lasting no more than five minutes and consisting of six slides covering the following aspects:

  1. Selected topic and description of the in-depth subject;
  2. Analysis of the bibliographic sources used for the study;
  3. Explanation of the topic's relevance/importance to management engineering;
  4. The lesson learned through further study.


What to do to apply for accreditation of ECTS for Other Educational Activities
Click HERE to read the procedures to be followed for the recognition of ECTS for Other Educational Activities
Click HERE to download the form