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Adele Elisa Aleo


Stable Isotope Technician
Adele Elisa Aleo

Adele Elisa Aleo was born in 1975. In 2003, she graduated in Natural Sciences at University of Palermo. From 2005 to 2012 she worked for the University of Palermo and the National Interuniversity Consortium for Marine Sciences (CoNISMa) with several fellowships and contracts, as laboratory technician at the Department of Earth and Marine Sciences of the University of Palermo (DiSTeM).

Currently, she works as technician at the Laboratory of Stable Isotope Ecology of the DiSTeM, dealing with issues related to the ecology of coastal environments through the study of carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes (δ13C and δ15N) to evaluate organic matter and nutrient origin and fate.

She is coauthor of 10 scientific papers published in conference proceedings.

Latest Conference Contributions:

  • Colombo F, Vizzini S, Aleo AE, Mazzola A (2011). Uso trofico dell’habitat da parte dell’ittiofauna in una piccola laguna costiera mediterranea. S.It.E XXI Congresso della Società Italiana di Ecologia. Palermo (Italy), 3-6 October
  • Signa G, Tramati CD, Aleo AE, Mazzola A, Vizzini S (2011). Contaminazione da metalli in tracce in un sistema costiero mediterraneo (Laghetti di Marinello, Sicilia, Italia) e loro trasferimento lungo la rete trofica. V Lagunet Conference. Lesina (Italy), 19-22 October
  • Signa G, Vizzini S, Disclafani R, Adele AE, Bosire J, Mazzola A (2010). Inter-habitat connectivity in a tropical ecosystem (Gazi Bay, Kenya) as revealed by ichthyofauna. IV LaguNet Conference. Acque di mezzo: complessità. Vulnerabilità, gestione e patrimonio delle conoscenze. Marsala (Italy), 27-30 October
  • Vizzini S, Costa V, Aleo AE, Savona A, Savona B, Mazzola A (2009). The fate of terrestrial and riverine materials in a mediterranean exploitation seagrass bed. Aquatic sciences meeting Nice (France), 25-30 January
  • Colombo F, Costa V, Aleo AE, Tramati CD, Mazzola A, Vizzini S (2009). Trophic structure and functioning of vermetid reef community based on carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis. First mediterranean symposium on coralligenous conservation and other calcareous bio-concretions. Tabarka (Tunisia), 15-16 January