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Discipline Chirurgiche, Oncologiche e Stomatologiche

Street Liborio Giuffrè, 5
90127 PALERMO (PA)
+39.091 238 93805 (pec)

Department administrative Office

(currently the offices of the Dichirons Secretariat are located, for renovation works on the complex where the historic headquarters of the Management and the Secretariat are located, at the medical Oncology premises, ground floor - see floor plan below)

dott.ssa Assunta Crapanzano Departmental Administrative Manager (R.A.D.)

091 238 93803

geom. Giuseppe Calì 091 238 93804
rag. Michele Casilli

Accounting procedure manager

091 238 93807
sig. Maurizio Garaffa

091 238 93805

dott.ssa Silvia Pinzarrone Support for study courses 091 238 93808



Information Technology Services Department

dott. ing. Angelo Misuraca

  • IT system administrator of department
    (Webmaster of sites of departmental and CdL, doctorates and masters; PC security; Microsoft Campus Agreement Volume Licensing Service Center, IP LAN management, exam verbalization assistance, Windows/Linux Server System Administrator and Virtual Machines in VirtualBox and Hyper-V environment, Database Administrator)
  • “Registration Authority Officer” Infocert for the release of the remote digital signature

tel.  091 238 64701

3474259727 (Cell.)
(PEC personale)



Map and Structures of the Department

Aerial view of the Polyclinic

Visualizza Policlinico Paolo Giaccone - Palermo in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori


Headquarters of the Directorate and of the Secretariat of the Di.Chir.On.S. Department

Entrance from Street Liborio Giuffrè, 5

(currently under renovation)



List of buildings and internal structures of the Department



    1. Emergency Surgery
      Cardiac Surgery
      General surgery
      Vascular surgery
      Cellular and Molecular Physiopathology Laboratory [person in charge prof. Giorgio Stassi] [under renovation]
      Departmental Administrative Secretariat [under renovation]
      Departmental Directorate [under renovation]

    2. Cellular and Molecular Physiopathology Laboratory [person in charge prof. Giorgio Stassi]  [temporary location for renovation work]


    3. Plastic Surgery [Completed renovation works. Opening 11-08-2017]


    4. Orthopedics
      Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine
    5. Medical Oncology
      Surgical Oncology
      Laboratory of Molecular genetics [person in charge prof. Antonio Russo]


      Departmental Administrative Secretariat [temporary location for renovation work]

    6. Urology


    7. Stomatological Sciences


Master's Degree Course in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis [coordinator prof. Pietro Messina]