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Discipline Chirurgiche, Oncologiche e Stomatologiche

Departmental bodies


  • Department Director: prof. GIUSEPPINA CAMPISI
  • Deputy Director of the Department: prof. GIANNI PANTUSO
  • Department Board
  • Department Council

The powers of the Department bodies are defined in the articles 27, 28, 29 and 30 of the Statute of the University of Palermo.

Members of the Department Board

The Board is composed equally of at least three full professors of the first level (PO), three associate professors, three researchers (RU), a further component representing the temporary scholarship holders and contractors, a student representative, two representatives of the technical administrative staff, the Director and the Administrative Manager (RAD).

  • Prof. Campisi Giuseppina (President)
  • Dott. Agrusa Antonino (ASSOCIATED PROFESSOR - MED / 18)
  • Dr. Badalamenti Giusppe (RESEARCHER - MED / 06) - [lapsed]
  • Prof. Cajozzo Massimo (ASSOCIATED PROFESSOR - MED / 21)
  • Mr. Calì Giuseppe (Rep. Pers. TA)
  • Dr. Crapanzano Assunta (RAD)
  • Prof. Cordova Adriana (ORDINARY PROFESSOR - MED / 19)
  • Prof. Giuliana Giovanna (ORDINARY PROFESSOR - MED / 28)
  • Dr. Graceffa Giuseppa (RESEARCHER - MED / 18)
  • Prof. Letizia Mauro Giulia (ORDINARY PROFESSOR - MED / 34)
  • Dr. Occhipinti Marco (Rapporteur for PhD Students and Specialists)
  • Dr. Palumbo Vincenzo Davide (RESEARCH ASSISTANT - MED / 18) - [lapsed]
  • Prof. Pantuso Gianni (ORDINARY PROFESSOR - MED / 18)
  • Prof. Pavone Carlo (ASSOCIATED PROFESSOR - MED / 24) - [lapsed]
  • Dott. Pecoraro Felice (RESEARCHER - MED / 22)
  • Dr. Raineri Santi Maurizio (RESEARCHER - MED / 41) - [lapsed]
  • Prof. Scardina Giuseppe Alessandro (ASSOCIATED PROFESSOR - MED / 28)

Members of the Department Council

The Council is composed of:

  1. the Director, who leads it;
  2. professors, permanent researchers and temporary researchers;
  3. the Administrative Manager with the function of the secretary and the deliberative vote;
  4. a representation of the technical-administrative staff equal to 10% of the teaching staff:
    • Mr. Giuseppe Calì
    • ing. Angelo Misuraca
  5. a representative of scholarship holders or research fellowships or multi-year research contracts assigned to the Department in a number equal to 10% of the teaching staff;
  6. a representation of students enrolled in specialization and research doctorate courses in which the department is the administrative headquarters of 10% of the teaching staff:
    • Cutaia Sofia (School of Specialization in Medical Oncology)
    • Grisafi Federica (PhD in Experimental Oncology and Surgery)
    • La Mantia Maria (School of Specialization in Medical Oncology)
    • Tutino Roberta (Research Doctorate in Oncology and Experimental Surgery).