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  • 1. 6th ORCA - COST Meeting: Welcome (100%)

    15-apr-2014 8.44.47

    6th ORCA - COST Meeting: Welcome meeting, organocatalysis, cost The 6th ORCA Meeting, will be held ... in Palermo for the 6th ORCA Meeting to discuss the latest advancements about organocatalysis and ... objective of this Action is to focus the European activities in the field of organocatalysis in order ... of the innovative potential of organocatalysis is expected. The main idea of this COST Action - called ORCA (organocatalysis) - is to provide a knowledge platform to advance different kinds of organocatalyzed

  • 2. Curriculum (97%)

    5-mar-2018 12.44.54

    Palermo Keywords: Organocatalysis, Ionic liquid, recyclable catalyst, fullerene, carbon nanotubes, CNT, homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, organic chemistry Recent papers Organocatalysis ... Committee of the COST Action "ORganoCAtalysis" CM0905 (2011-2014). Research interest in organocatalysis, asymmetric synthesis, recyclable catalysts, carbon nanomaterial-based catalysts, ionic ... del Management Committee del progetto Europeo COST "ORganoCAtalysis" CM0905 (2011-2014). Membro

  • 3. Scientific Program (75%)

    23-apr-2014 11.10.26

    Scientific Program ORCA - COST meeting, scientific program, organocatalysis May 7th - May 8th - May 9th - May 10th - Poster - Download PDF file May 7th Time Program Speaker 16.00-17.45 Registration 17.45-18.00 Welcome and Opening remarks Chair: Prof. Herbert Mayr 18.00-18.45 Plenary PL1 Carbene ... Substrates in Asymmetric Organocatalysis John Stephens 10.45-11.30 Coffee-Break - poster session Chair: Prof ... Synthesis: From Chiral Lewis Acid Catalysis to Organocatalysis Claudio Palomo 9.50-10.05 Oral O13

  • 4. 6th ORCA Meeting (67%)

    14-mag-2014 16.14.06

    6th ORCA Meeting meeting, organocatalysis, Cost Action The 6th ORCA Meeting, will be held on May 7th-10th, 2014, at the Hotel La Torre, Mondello in Palermo, Italy, to discuss the latest advancements about organocatalysis and the future of this Cost Action. GIOVANNI MORICI /sites/portale/_categories/notizia/comunicazioni/

  • 5. keywords (46%)

    4-feb-2016 11.32.15

    keywords Organocatalysis, Ionic liquid, recyclable catalyst, fullerene, carbon nanotubes, CNT, homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, organic chemistry Keywords MICHELANGELO GRUTTADAURIA /sites/portale/_categories/articolo/faq/

  • 6. curriculum_GRUTTADAURIA_MICHELANGELO (31%)

    24-feb-2020 15.00.10

    . • E' stato coordinatore nazionale di un progetto Europeo COST (Organocatalysis – ORCA – CM0905). • Responsabile locale ... Organocatalysis Ed Peter Dalko, 2013, ISBN 978-3-527-33236-6 - Wiley-VCH, Weinheim • Synthesis of New ... in organocatalysis; Michelangelo Gruttadauria, Francesco Giacalone, Paola Agrigento and Renato Noto in Ionic Liquids in Biotransformations and Organocatalysis: Solvents and Beyond; Ed. Pablo Domínguez

  • 7. ORCA program Palermo (25%)

    23-apr-2014 11.11.37

    of Activated Dienes: Attractive Substrates in Asymmetric Stephens Organocatalysis 10.45- Coffee-Break ... Organocatalysis 9.50- Oral O13 Ádám 10.05 (Thio)Urea Derivatives as Brønsted-Acid Organocatalysts

  • 8. Gruttadauria Michelangelo CV (25%)

    28-nov-2023 14.43.25

    (Organocatalysis – ORCA – CM0905).  Local coordinator PRIN 2017 Mussel-inspired functional biopolymers ... , citations 6557 (Google scholar) RESEARCH AREAS  Organocatalysis (Asymmetric and Non-asymmetric

  • 9. Internal structures (22%)

    18-set-2019 17.02.58

    . Organocatalysis. Supramolecular chemistry. Sinthesis of bioactive compounds. Organic materials. Section ... . Natural products. Photochemistry. Organocatalysis. Supramolecular chemistry. Sinthesis of bioactive

  • 10. cv-prof luisi-2019 (22%)

    20-mag-2022 12.25.27

    of sustainable synthetic processes: Two case study on domino organocatalysis and organolithium chemistry ... , “Development of Stereoselective Sustainable Processes by organometallics and organocatalysis” Giornata

  • 11. Abstract submission (18%)

    13-feb-2014 13.26.14

    Abstract submission abstract, orca meeting, stebicef, INVITATION TO SUBMIT (Abstract submission template) The organizing committee of the 6th ORCA-meeting invites abstract submissions for any topic relevant to organocatalysis. The deadline for abstract submission is April 14th, 2014 (midnight local time). Abstracts submitted after the deadline will not be considered. To have an abstract accepted and included in the program and in the Book of Abstracts, the presenting author must have

  • 12. cv prof gabriele - settembre 2017 (18%)

    6-ott-2017 13.08.49

    (per l'Europa) di Current Organocatalysis (Bentham) da Dicembre 2013 • Guest editor di un volume

  • 13. claudio trombini cv (18%)

    6-ott-2017 13.08.48

    MIUR la nomina a membro del management committee della COST Action CM905-Organocatalysis (ORCA

  • 14. AREA 03 - SCIENZE CHIMICHE (15%)

    8-mar-2013 23.05.16

    . Gruttadauria, P. Agrigento and R. Noto Low-loading asymmetric organocatalysis Chem. Soc. Rev., 2012

  • 15. Elenco Ebook (15%)

    23-nov-2020 11.49.55

    , Enantioselective Organocatalysis, Wiley 2007 Wiley 16503 - SINTESI SPECIALI ORGANICHE E LABORATORIO 2159

  • 16. albodottori2012 (13%)

    25-lug-2017 12.19.00