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  • 1. Disambiguating the soils of Mars (100%)

    22-ago-2020 19.20.30

    Disambiguating the soils of Mars articolo, notizia, unipa, soil, Mars, Anticipated human missions to Mars require a methodical understanding of the unconsolidated bulk sediment that mantles its surface, given its role as an accessible resource for water and as a probable substrate for food production. However, classifying martian sediment as soil has been pursued in an ad hoc fashion, despite emerging evidence from in situ missions for current and

  • 2. CV Nancy Jean-Luc (52%)

    20-mag-2013 10.49.33

    “ Filmcritica-Umberto Barbaro ” pour L’évidence du film, Rome, mars 2003. Publications : Livres ... ”, Rome, mars 2003 – trad. italienne lfonso Cariolato, Roma, Donzelli, 2004 – texte français reproduit ... , Rotation Verlag, 1982, et nouvelle traduction allemande in Fragmente, n°29/30, Kassel, mars 89

  • 3. mars (48%)

    22-dic-2015 14.20.43

  • 4. MaRS-USI (47%)

    6-set-2018 18.17.46

    Università della Svizzera italiana Do research in Switzerland! USI Università della Svizzera italiana Faculty of Informatics Master’s Research Scholarships The Opportunity The Masters Research Scholarship (MaRS) program provides scholarships for masters students to visit the Uni- versità della Svizzera italiana (USI) for one semester to work on research projects in the Faculty of Informatics ... - Contact: Sponsored by Hasler Stiftung A3-Masters Research Scholarships at USI.eps

  • 5. Beyond Earth: can we classify Martian soils with WRB? (35%)

    2-lug-2018 8.08.25

    Beyond Earth: can we classify Martian soils with WRB? articolo, notizia, unipa, soil, Mars, Marte, suolo To classify Martian soils, the current version of WRB (IUSS Working Group WRB, 2015) needs to be adjusted given the uniformly cold and arid Martian climate. The cold climate would imply that all soils could be taken as Cryosols; but if temperature is disregarded then Arenosols and Leptosols are also obviously present. Visually, the presence of other types of soils seem

  • 6. Grecs et Indigènes en Occident Séminaires Paris 1-Sorbonne 2011 (26%)

    8-mar-2013 16.47.06

    cdoems m: le’ridceé ologie 3 mars (UniversAitén gdeel SaP aPaloescrnnatrel)a –n dCohlfaoir e Blaise La définition delse ecsapsa dcee sP foosnecitdioonninae ls d’une polis : 10 mars Angela Pontrandolfo Rituels funéraires et identités ethniques 17 mars Angela Pontrandolfo dL’’aacvcèunletumreantito dne elta e mxpariesossni-opnasl a dis’ i:d efonrtmitéess 24 mars (SurinMteanrdinaan cCei pdrei aSnail erne) Sanctuaires et cudl’tienst edrep rPéotasetiiodno nia : problèmes 31 mars (UPneivtreorss

  • 7. cv cao (25%)

    8-gen-2018 12.36.08

    in the ERAS project proposed by the Italian Mars Society Feb. 2016 - present Reviewer for the Romanian

  • 8. PRE TAL C1.1 modello esame da giugno 2020 (22%)

    18-mag-2020 9.13.41

    only one word in each gap to complete the text. MARS People have always been fascinated by the planet Mars. It has been the subject of countless science- fiction films for many years and now ... . It now seems that (26) a.......... the atmosphere on Mars is thinner than on Earth, therefore unable ... under the planet’s crust. However, Mars is smaller than the Earth, much further from the Sun, and ... . Several thousand million years ago Mars was probably warm and lush, but today it appears

  • 9. cv-marengo (20%)

    10-apr-2020 9.28.04

  • 10. Brochure (20%)

    15-mar-2018 11.17.15

    20 mars 2018 20 mars 2018 21 mars 2018 9h00 accueil des participant.e.s Présidente de séance : Ida Rampolla del Tindaro Président de séance : Vito Pecoraro 9h30 mots de bienvenue h confér e nce h confére n ce Marina Ambrosecchio (UET Scuola Universitaria Autorités Antonino Velez - Il Momento, revue palermitai- Europea per il Turismo) - Palerme, qui a été, qui ne du XIXème siècle, et ses traductions du Valérie Legalcher

  • 11. M._Viallet_Femmes de lettres et lettres de femmes_Pan_2_2013 (17%)

    10-nov-2014 11.30.12

    pour les jeux de Mars. Pour le moment, quant à ce qui fait l'objet de tes réflexions...»). 21 Velleius ... , 32, 1 (28 mars 45 a.C.): Publilia ad me (sc. Ciceronem) scripsit matrem suam † ut cum Publilio ... . (44 a.C., postérieure à mars): H| ke d j autj w/~ kai ; para ; thı~ mhtroı; epj istolh ; enj h


    14-feb-2014 10.10.28

    in context: sample curation facility and scientific exploitation of data from Mars missions Il programma ... raccolti nell’ambito delle missioni su Marte. SFIDA Con la missione di grande successo Mars Express ... basarsi sui dati disponibili grazie al SEC (Planetary from Mars missions Science Archive ). E’ inoltre

  • 13. cv_ torre (17%)

    21-apr-2020 11.54.23

    des Entreprises “Mixité et diversité des équipes”, France Business School (ESCEM) Tours, 19 Mars ... , 10th mars, 2011. • Present and Future in Human Resource Departments: some Suggestions ... des Resources Humaines demain?, Essec –La Défense, Paris, le 10 Mars 2011. • L’evoluzione dei

  • 14. c.v. palombo (17%)

    24-nov-2017 10.30.43

  • 15. 8_Jorge_Martinez_Pinna_Hormos3ns_2011 (14%)

    8-mar-2013 22.33.04

    , Mars and Rhea Silvia, «Gerión» VI (1988), 115-168; A. Dardenay, Les mythes fondateurs de Rome ... . Briquel, L’oiseau ominal, la louve de Mars, la truie féconde, «MEFRA» LXXXVIII (1976), 31-50; P.M

  • 16. CV_Madonia_elezioni Giunta (1) (14%)

    12-nov-2018 13.11.53

    du Colloque International Jan Potocki (Leuven- Antwerpen 30 mars-1er avril 2000), Louvain-Paris ... . Du spectaculaire à l’inexprimable », Paris, 22-24 mars 2007, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

  • 17. curriculum_oliveri (14%)

    6-apr-2020 9.34.55

    Naqvi, E. Straume, Mars Publishers, Trondheim, Norway, 255{261, 1999. 11. M.P. Speciale, F. Oliveri ... Analysis VII", edited by N. H. Ibragimov, K. Razi Naqvi, E. Straume, Mars Publishers, Trondheim

  • 18. CV-soare-2019 (14%)

    30-mar-2020 16.45.28

    . Gherghina). Mars 2019: assieme a “Organising Parties abroad: the Romanian case”S. Gherghina, MiTSoPro-CEDEM, Universitè de Liège, le 28 mars 2019. November 2018: “Introduction” to the CIRES seminas

  • 19. CV2019 (14%)

    30-nov-2019 7.13.59

    caldera area (El Salvador, CA): optimizing MARS-based model building and validation ... (CA): A comparison between multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARS) and binary

  • 20. Scienze della formazione primaria (quadriennale) 2007-2008 (12%)

    15-apr-2013 13.30.02

    2007) C. Parpette, "Apprendre le fran'ais en sortant de la classe"; N' 350 (mars-avril 2007 ... plurilingue. Apprentissage ou enseignement'". N' 356 (mars-avril 2008) Dossier Formation. Le point